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DMV’s own Heron Gibran releases his first single,

a cover of the Chuck Brown Go Go classic “Run Joe”

off his upcoming mixtape Black Broadway Don

Heron Gibran

Black Broadway Don (Mixtape)

AUDIO: Heron Gibran – Run Joe featuring Yazarah

The Black Broadway Don mixtape is the Introduction into the world of
Heron Gibran. The project reflects the diverse tastes of Heron
Gibran. The sound travels across the borders with production from DJ
Khalil of Self Scientific ( Any Means ,  Dance with Me , and  The
Other Side ) and Omar Retnu ( Keep on Rocking  featuring Asheru).
Making stops down south and as far as Amsterdam (The Light feat.
Complex). The project also has many collaborations with DC producers
such as Blackberry Jones (The Hustle), Decompose (Never Give Up), and
Y.U. of the Diamond District (Wish it away). Showing his hometown
influences Heron collaborates with Yazarah for a take on the Chuck
Brown Classic  Run Joe . From the braggadocios  What Do I Look Like
to the introspective  Other Side  Heron Gibran shows a unique
versatility. Amsterdam s DJ Pay giving the project yet another unique
perspective hosts the mixtape.

The Hu-ron EP is a collaborative effort between Mr. Hu and Heron
Gibran. The project is nod to Hip-Hop albums of old that were
produced solely by one producer. The live sound of the Hu-ron EP
creates a warm soundscape for Heron to spread his message. The
six-song project is a focused effort dealing with themes of
self-determination and the urban struggle. The EP is a preview of
their full length LP due later this year.


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