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So this is my second time seeing Estelle perform within a six week period, and I must say she is a character!

She is a breathe of fresh air to today’s music scene. This London native can sing, she can spit, she has a flare for the Reggae lovers, and of course representing the ladies on the relationship tip. Her show went in order similar to her cd, starting with “Wait A Minute (Just A Touch)” when I guy meets a girl and he approaches her for the first time. She followed it with her stories on her past relationship leading into “Substitute Lover” and “More Than Friends” which are pretty self explanatory. But it seems as if every female goes through this stage of “What are we?/Are we more than friends?” And as the story may go  he leaves and we have to tell them how “Magnificent” our love is!! A great song that features Kardinal Offishall for all of my reggae people. My personal favorite song and the reason why I purchased the album, “Shine”  That song shows Estelle at her purest, as she mentions she wrote it when she was  just signed but broke…”I’m going to Shine through.” Her delivery is crazy on that song, I would love for her and Lauryn Hill to do a collabo!!!!!!

Oh yea, big ups to her background singers they were on point once again. Her djand the band is great I could listen to them play all day…Ian on the guitar I see you baby!! Dude on the bass making love to my ears, the drummer with the hair!!!

Estelle has a good show check her out when she comes to your city!!


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