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I’ve been doing the site for over a year now and I want to thank all the media that has given me material and for all those that have viewed the site. Before I was doing the music thing 24/7 but for the past six months I’ve been in school plus working full time.  I love music and I love people, so if you are an artist or media just send your info to and I will post it and give you a confirmation email. If you are a viewer please continue to browse thru periodically and let me know who and what you like.

This year I am considering on changing the blog a bit, making it a bit more diverse.  I love music but I am also business minded so I’m going to start posting my thoughts and opinions on current events…and maybe some personal info. Who knows? But music is very much apart of my life.

Also be on the lookout for Keys and Ink with the producer/engineer/songwriter Yung Chill and the artist Miss Mykie. Check out their music at and  I do publicity for them so if your willing to share the love let me know so I can get them on your site as well.

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



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