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From The Gutter To Glory: A Broke Man’s Guide to Starting a Business

by: Terrence Warren

Author: Terrence Warren: From The Gutter To Glory: A Broke Man’s Guide To Starting A
Business Columbia, South Carolina12-12-07 — Terrence Warren has
plunged into the world of writing, telling how he attained his wealth
and started his businesses.  With the release of a how-to-business
book, Terrence would have the credentials to do even motivational
speaking.  So, Terrence wrote the seminal autobiography From The
Gutter To Glory: A Broke Man’s Guide to Starting a
Business( ( )) a detailed guide on starting and
managing businesses, the different types of businesses, as well as
business structures and their individual pros and cons.From the Gutter
to Glory: a Broke Man’s Guide to Starting a Business is a diverse work
about real life in the real business world.  Terrence explains his
underlining message, “I was that average guy living paycheck to
paycheck and was tired of someone else managing my time.  Working hard
for a little amount of money got so annoying that I decided to change
my situation.  I had no degree, bad credit, and hardly any money, but
with sheer determination and perseverance, I attained my goals despite
what anyone said.  I never let my color, upbringing, where I came
from, or social status be a reason for failure.”This book forms the
culmination of years of trials and error for Terrence Warren.  Born
and raised in the small town of Goldboro, NC.  After graduating from
high school in 1995, he enlisted in the United States Army, feeling it
was the only way to get out and find opportunities since the only
thing happening in his small hometown was violence.  After spending
four years in Hawaii, Terrence had a five-month break in service to
pursue employment in 2001. But after being laid off twice in 3 months,
he found himself back in the Army for another four years.  During the
8th year of his service, Terrence found himself deployed to Iraq in
support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  It was during this time that
Terrence became aggravated and made preparations to exit the military
again, this time for good; this time, he would have a better plan.
Terrence wrote From The Gutter To Glory: A Broke Man’s Guide to
Starting a Businessto give hope to the masses and let them know that
“Anyone can start a business, as long as they’re willing and
determined to do what it takes to get in the door.” This book was
written to convey Terrence Warren’s voice to the world.  Indeed the
world will be hearing more about this great new exciting author
Terrence Warren.  ABOUT AUTHOR Terrence Warren has many years of
business experience under his belt.  From The Gutter To Glory: A Broke
Man’s Guide to Starting a Business  just one of the various
accomplishments that Warren has achieved, and we can expect many more.


Terrence Warren

FAX: (928) 585-6926 ( )


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