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Here is the link for the CLEAN VERSION:


Beadz is dubbed as the “Face Of Chicago” as he is on every promotional flyer and pluggers seen throughout the City. Being one of the semi-finalist for the Chicago Idol Competition sponsored by Clear Channel’s WGCI one of Chicago’s top radio stations, Beadz has elevated his business about this music game. His buzz came with his recent Mix Tape releases “ Respect The Bottomline” Vol.1 and 2 which was even being bootlegged by other rap artists. His first single “What It’s Hittin 4” is still being played throughout the clubs as well as college and internet radio stations throughout the Midwest. The track was placed on the segment for local artists on another Chicago major FM radio station for Hip Hop music. Beadz’s single “What Its Hittin 4” was placed on the Hood Magazine Awards show Mix Tape as well as the ATL DJs 4th quarter Conference Mix Tape recently. His new release ’D-Boy” is creating a buzz throughout the DJs and record pools in Chicago and surrounding cities. Lets make this a hit DJ’s. PD’s and MD’s get at us and add this song to your list right away!!!



Here is the link for the DIRTY VERSION:

Krystal aka Krystal Meth is no stranger to the hip hop arena in Chicago. She has been behind the scenes with her producing at her studio “2 Cold 2 Hold Productions” where many of Chicago’s upcoming talents find there way for recording. She is finally placing her skills with the mic on her own productions and tracks. Her jump off single “Boom” is creating a stir in the clubs in the Windy City and surrounding cities. “Boom” was placed on TJsDJs CD Compilation recently as well as the ATL’s DJs Mix Tape also. Many Djs are requesting their copies as far as Russia and Croatia. DJs get at this single and break it. All you PDs and MDs don’t sleep on this here track. Many internet radio and college stations already adding the track to their rotations.


Calvin “Doc” Flowers
312/226-9034 (Office)
312/287-8199 (Mobile)

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