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Yung Chill

Mo City’’s backbone! The multi dynamic producer and artist Yung Chill is at it again with his sophomore album Stop Talking & Listen being released on September 25, 2007.

Chill released his credit worthy mixtape Muzik In Da Flesh in the summer 2006. He received rave reviews in Ozone along with features from indie publications such as Hater Mag, Against the Grain, Murder Dog as well as online publications.
Not letting up Chill has been able to put together a stellar compilation album that most major artist can conceive of. He produced all tracks and held his weight with collaborations from Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Chamillionaire, HAWK, Trae, Lil Keke, and a lot more. ““I produced the whole project and basically it’s a LP full of hit records. I hooked up with a lot of indie upcoming artist along with reaching out to a couple major vets in the game that people already knew. For the most part it was all love because of the simple fact that I’m a producer. My homie Cook helped me get a couple features in the “H” . A lot of people asking about the Snoop record my consultants in L.A Bubba & Eddie made that possible and the rest is history.”
As a producer, Chill stays busy as he is working on several other projects; “Killa Kyleon from Slim Thug’s Boss Hogg Outlaws , Yung Redd over at Swisha House, I been working real crucially on this cat Big Sid’s project, GRIT Boys, mannn the list goes on I’m selling tracks everyday.”
His single Bottom of the Bottom feat Wes Fif and Dee Boi is blazin the Southern airwaves. Be sure to get your copy of the album on iTunes, Napster, or CD Baby.

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