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So I went to the R. Kelly concert last night and had a real good time. Unfortanetly I missed J Holiday’s performance but his album is good.

 Keyshia Cole’s performance was good as she did cuts from both albums, as well as “Doves Cry.” It’s funny because just the other day I raised the question “Who is better vocally KC or Fantasia?” I say Keyshia…what do you think?

 The King of R&B came up to the stage like the true Champ that he has shown us for the past 17yrs. I’m familiar with most of Kells music except for his Double Up album, but he rocked the crowd all the way through. He started off with his hot hooks that he has done for artist such as “That’s That,” “Jiggalo,” “Make it Rain,” “N Luv With a Stripper.” Of coarse he slowed it down with his numerous baby maker singles from ’12 Play’ ‘TP2’ ‘TP2 Reloaded.’ Kells ended the show in classic fashion with his white and red suite singing the classic two step singles “Step in the Name of Love” and “Happy People.”

For the most part the show was simple but the performances were spectacular!!

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