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Born overseas but raised in Watts, California to a Black Father and a
Vietnamese Mother. Growing up in Southern California’s worst ghetto in
the deep East Side, Joker learned early about gangs, drugs, and how to
survive. Crack, prostitution, poverty, and police brutality were only
a few obstacles Joker would to overcome.  With a father who was
always working and a mother who left when he was at the tender age of
nine, Joker began running the streets and listening to the radio.

K-Day was the 1st radio station to introduce Hip-Hop to Joker. Once
hooked, NWA, Ice-T, Too-Short, BDP, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and 2 Live
Crew were among his favorites.  Joker’s father began to acknowledge
his sons love and passion for music.  So much that he went out and
bought him and his older brother a beat maker, keyboard, and mic.
This is when Joker began to rap, write dope rhymes, and craft his
lyrical skills.  Joker began having ambitious dreams of becoming a
major superstar.  Joker created a major buzz on the west coast by
releasing three cd’s titled “Out of Control”, “Life of a Watts Star”,
and “Live Fast Die Young” which all together sold over 10,000 cd’s.
His latest LP is titled “24-Hours to Get it” introduces his up coming
club anthem “King of the Club” featuring Slip N’ Slides platinum
selling artist TRINA.  “King of the Club” was produced by DISKO.
Joker is looking to take over the Hip Hop world by rapping about
topics other rappers are scared touch.  His music is so diverse for
all rages, ethnicities, and cultures.  It is controversial.

Working close with DJ SLICE and DJ STRONG, Joker is working on a
mixtape entitled “Christmas in Watts”, which sounds nothing like any
west coast mixtape.

Joker is such a unique artist that he is only in a category of his
own.   Joker believes in hard work, dedication and determination for
Hip Hop which will catapult Joker from Watts to the top of the
charts.  So look out DJ’s, record labels, rappers, radio,
underground, mainstream, east coast, west coast, overseas, and Hip
Hop fans worldwide…here comes the next mega superstar…JOKER from
WATTS.Courtesy Hip Hop Records/War Baby Ent.

JOKER 213-924-2320


“King of the Club” featuring TRINA



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