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Duck Down  Records, in an effort to continue to expand its roster, is proud
to announce the  signing of Kidz in the Hall.  Double-0, the Producer/DJ and
Naledge, the  Lyricist/MC, Kidz In The Hall are looking to become one of
hip-hop’s most  admired acts, destined to leave a legacy of artistic brilliance and
after  recently finishing their latest mixtape, “Detention,” and tour dates
with Redman  and their forthcoming sophomore LP, “The  In Crowd,” they are well
on their way to doing  so.
Kidz in the Hall were previously signed to  Rawkus Records and released their
debut, “School Was My Hustle,” on the imprint,  but felt Duck Down Records
would be the home that could help propel them to the  next level and as Matty
Marcus (founder of Major League Entertainment) asserts  it’s a win win for all
parties and a unique joint venture between Duck Down and Major League  
entertainment as both companies will  be intimately involved in all aspects of
marketing and promotion “the Major League team  could not be more excited to partner
with Duck Down Records for the next Kidz in  the Hall album (entitled “The In
Crowd”).  The loyalty the label  has shown to their roster over the years
was a definite selling point and Dru Ha  and the Duck Down team are the perfect
partners to elevate the Kidz In The Hall  brand to the next level. This new
exciting partnership is a welcomed change and  a breath of fresh air for our
entire team.”    
Kidz In The  Hall group members Naledge and Double-O are equally excited
about the union as  Double-O adds “I think that this deal is an excellent
opportunity to spread our  wings.  Duck Down Records has proven that they can
successfully promote  independent acts on a major scale and their enthusiasm in our
music let’s us  know that they are 100% behind making the Kidz In The Hall
movement  successful.”
Kidz in the  Hall’s upcoming sophomore LP “The In  Crowd” is set for release
in March 2008 on Major League/Duck Down Records and the  group will be
available for interviews immediately.  
Click here for more info  and a FREE Download of Kidz In The Hall’s latest
Mixtape “Detention” mixed by: Mick Boogie! Note:  The free download will only be
available for three days at: _
Also included is a video  link/teaser for Kidz In The Hall’s forthcoming
single “Driving Down The Block”:  


For More  Information please visit:  

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