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The best-selling Cuban American MC Pitbull is at it again with his third album Boatlift.

Pitbull has been an impact in music whether its Spanglish or Crunk, he manages to keep the momentum going in the clubs. But he promises to give us a smooth ride of everything he encompasses with Boatlift.

NUP: I see you are staying with the Cuban and Miami theme; so what does Boatlift stand for?

Pitbull: Boatlift is a runoff of or part two of El Mariel. This album caters to the consumer and fans without confusion. I’m taking them through the ride of my life and different cultures.

NUP: What will fans get from this album?

Pitbull: I’m more musically open-minded, not worried about credibility but more of a business man. I know how to put out a hit record as I have learned from Lil Jon, Colliark, and other that I have worked with in the studio.

NUP: Who are some of the features and producers you worked with on this project?

Pitbull: Jim Jones, Trick Daddy, Fabo, Twista, Jason Dorilla are some of the features.

As far as producers, I have Lil Jon, Collipark. My single ‘Secret Admirer’ features Lloyd and is produced by Play-N-Skillz.

NUP: So what is next for Pitbull?

Pitbull: Be on the lookout for Boatlift to drop on November 27 with the videos for Secret Admirer and Go Girl. I also have the television show La Esquina.

NEW VIDEO! Pitbull Feat Lloyd – “Secret Admirer” (Video)

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