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infamous-mobb.jpgInfamous Mobb (Ty Nitty, Gambino and Godfather Pt. 3) followed the precedent established by fellow Queensbridge cohorts Mobb Deep; Mobb Deep would latter introduced the trio on “Animal Instinct/Drop A Gem On Em” from their 1996 release Hell On Earth (Infamous Mobb would also go on to guest appear on two other Mobb Deep LP’s 1999’s Murda Muzik and 2001’s Infamy and Prodigy’s solo-debut H.N.I.C.

By the time Infamous Mobb readied their 2002 debut, Special Edition, they had also gone on to appear on DJ Muggs Soul Assassins Vol. 1, Nas’ Queensbridge The Album and two subsequent releases from their Infamous cohort Big Noyd.

Infamous Mobb’s debut, Special Edition, featured extensive production work by Alchemist (who produced seven tracks), Havoc and DJ Muggs, along with appearances from Havoc, Prodigy and Screwball’s Hostyle.  Infamous Mobb returned in 2004 with their sophomore LP, Blood Thicker Then Water Vol.1, which again featured the dark production of Alchemist and guest appearances from Prodigy, Big Noyd and The UN. The album was also accompanied by a bonus DVD including numerous music videos as well as in-depth interviews with various members of the “Queensbridge Sound” of which Infamous Mobb are an integral part.

Infamous Mobb makes a triumphant return to the scene in 2007 with their third dose of Reality Rap, (which will be released on 11-6-07 by Sure Shot Records) a similarly impressive album of grimy beats and street-smart raps. It took Infamous Mobb a few years to get Reality Rap ready for public consumption, as got tangled up in label dealings, but whatever the reason, the wait was worthwhile as the trio is obviously hungry here and they come across as energized throughout the album. Joining Infamous Mobb are guests such as Alchemist, Prodigy, Havoc, Erick Sermon and Big Noyd and it of course helps when you have a bevy of rap’s chief producers working alongside you as Alchemist, Havoc, Evidence and Erick Sermon all chip in to create an ominous, harsh and always banging sound template.  

Tracklisting and credits for Infamous Mobb’s Reality Rap:

1.) Capital Q (produced by E Blaze)

2.) Who Can You Trust (produced by Urilius)

3.) Border Line (produced by Enrico Alexander)

4.) Betti Bye Bye (produced by Erick Sermon)

5.) Itz A Gift (produced by Steve Sola)

6.) Blauu! f/Havoc (produced by Havoc)

7.) Get It Poppin (produced by Sid Roams)

8.) Streetz Of NY f/Erick Sermon (produced by Sid Roams)

9.) Music 4 The User (produced by Evidence)

10.) We Here (U Know) (produced by A Dog)

11.) That Smell (produced by King Benny

12.) Reality Rap (produced by Alchemist)

13.) The Cypher
14.) Double El f/Big Noyd (produced by Chaze)
15.) Closer (produced by Sid Roams)
16.) Handle Ya Business f/Prodigy (produced by Steve Sola)
17.) Hustle Hard f/Alchemist (produced by Alchemist)


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