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donny-goines.jpgAfter an overwhelming response from sites including,,, and blogs such as Nahright, RealTalkNY and HipHopRuckus to THE EXCERPT Pg 1, Donny Goines is pleased to announce the official release of the album today.

The album is available for purchase through Donny’s myspace page at and features the highly publicized track Do It for Hip-Hop produced by DJ Static. The track has been featured on mixtapes throughout the country and is currently in rotation on XM Radio.
The video for Do It for Hip-Hop which was completed last week  went up on numerous sites over the weekend.” You can’t help but be nervous when you put out a video for the first time, but its a great feeling seeing people react to it the way they have.”

Unfortunately during the closing stages of recording and promoting The Excerpt Pg 1, Donny discovered that due to recording responsibilities, Bishop Lamont would be unable to be a part of this project as previously announced. Knowing that the album has already encouraged positive reviews and promising pre-orders, Donny has opted to leave the album without a host and let his music and his words speak for themselves.

For more information and to purchase The Excerpt Pg 1 please visit and to read Donny’s blog go to where he shares his experiences and insight of the industry with all those in a similar situation to himself.

Do It For Hip Hop 


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