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dayfellaz.jpgSince breaking onto the scene with their first mix tape “Uninvited Guest” in early 2006, New York City’s own DA YOUNGFELLAZ have continued to surprise and ignite all those who come into contact with their music.

True to their craft and far beyond the gimmicks that currently flood the essence of Hip Hop, DA YOUNGFELLAZ have more than good music to offer.Setting out to bring music’s focus back to the true origin of New York, members Jay Storm and Sho-Biz have it all in perspective.

“We don’t want to cheat ourselves,” claims Jay Storm. “We don’t make records that don’t represent us or what we’ve been through.  New York only respects the truth and that’s what we give off in our music.”

With production credits that include industry talents such as the Beat Doctors, J-Rico, Young Irv, and Arm of Tha Factory Productions, who are all in demand by some of today’s biggest artist, DA YOUNGFELLAZ continue to prove their talent, commitment, and ability to pull together for an overall established sound.

Industry acclaimed as the next to take over New York and the newest faces of the RICH RUMORS exclusive clothing brand, DA YOUNGFELLAZ are well on their way to becoming permanent fixtures on the music scene. With a hit library that includes hits like “New York City,” “Who Can I Run To,” and “The Only One,” DA YOUNGFELLAZ are claiming their taking their shot.



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  1. I bought a copy. They are nice. Im feeling Blow and DJ Play my song. Keep up the good work!


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