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pc2.jpgFormed back in 1997 by two childhood friends, Playaz Circle (AKA the Duffle Bag Boys) did whatever it took to make ends meet even if it meant hustling. “We were a small crew from College Park,” says Tity Boi (Tauheed Epps). “We were making money and going from one level to the next, so we came up with Playaz Circle. It’s an acronym for Playaz that stands for Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A to Z (A to Z meaning from beginning to end). We wanted to make a “legal” hustle, stay out of jail and stay out of the grave.”

Supply And Demand is Dolla and Tit magnum opus debut on DTP/Universal records. According to the two the albums basic theme is derived from their own life experiences, which has taught the harsh realities of supply-side economics. “We were raised to be hustlers,” says Tit. “You know coming up through the struggle you learn quick that if it is something around you that will sell or if there’s a demand for it then you need to be the one who supplies it.”

Produced by a throng of super-talented producers, among them DJ Paul and Juicy J (of 3-6 Mafia), Jazze Pha, DJ Toomp, Mannie Fresh, Ice Drake, LT, Midi Mafia and the Heatmakers and filled with riveting songs that capture both the joy and pain of ghetto living, Supply And Demand provide the sonic syllabus for ghetto economics 101. “Gucci Bag,” the first single is a crunk, club-friendly joint that expounds upon Playaz Circle’s hustler’s mentality. Built around a thunderous 808 driven beat, intense high hats and funky string, “Gucci Bag” has created quite a buzz on the streets and radio. “Gucci Bag is a big song for us,” says Dolla. “It’s a commercial song that doesn’t compromise who we are as artists because it still has a street edge to it. It’s all about how we like nice things and how we go out there and hustle for it. It’s a banging track!”

On the Jazze Pha, produced joint entitled “Playaz Circle” Tity Boi and Dolla Boy spit game to all the haters and lames over a slinky 70’s style groove. Check out this heated rhyme by Dolla: “I’m out the game, got no time to coach you/ But if you run through the snow with no shoes/ I’m hell on ho’s and even worse on Pro-Tools.” On the track “You Can’t Believe It,” the playas continue the 70’s pimped out vibe. This time they are joined by their old friend Ludacris, who after hearing how hot the song was, insisted that he get on it.

With all the hype surrounding Playaz Circle and their fantastic DTP/Universal debut Supply And Demand, Dolla and Tit are set to teach their brand of ghetto economics to the world. “I don’t think that hip hop has really seen anything like we have to offer,” says Dolla. “Nobody has ever done what we do and nobody can do what we do. That’s because as artist we are unique individuals. We know who we are. We know what we’re doing and we do it well.”

Download Mixtape:

Suppy and Demand (DTP/Universal) in stores October 30, 2007.


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