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Things happen in life. Death, drugs, violence, and jail sentences, but life goes on. Houston, Texas’ Trae can vouch for that himself naming his new album, “Life Goes On.” Life comes out September 25th and features Lil Wayne on the single, “Screwed Up,” and other guest appearances by Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Richboy, Lloyd and more. Life puts Trae right where he left off in his last album, “Restless.” More money means more problems and after losing a friend and fellow rapper, Big Hawk, Trae spills more of “tha truth” about life. “My favorite track would have to be a track called ‘Tha Truth’ because I went from anywhere between 85bars to 100bars straight with no hook just talking about what I had on my mind.” With Life finished and ready Trae has hit up the mixtape circuit. There is a DJ Scream and an Empire mixtape on the way, and available for free download on his myspace page is his mixtape, “Streets of the South Have Arrived.” You can get this mixtape and other Trae music at


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