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      Creativity and consistency is necessary in today’s entertainment industry, both of which are the pure elements that make DJ CStyles stand out in the Techsons DJ Squad. CStyles has not only made a name for himself as a party dee-jay, but he has also used his numerous talents and abilities to secure the status as one of Houston’s most popular Dee-Jays.  The 23-year-old has a lot of goals that he has achieved, but he has many more to accomplish.  DJ C Styles is the true definition of a talented, hard-working professional.  


      Starting out in the business at the age of 14, CStyles went on random dee-jay gigs with his God-brother and quickly gained a love for entertaining. Since most promoters in the city at that time booked their own Dee-jays on a consistent basis, it seemed as though CStyles had no chance of becoming the popular dee-jay that he is today, thus inevitably working for some of the most well-known promoters in the country, as well as for celebrities, at Superbowl festivities and at some of the most popular hot spots in and around the Houston area and Texas border.


      Through CStyles’ work experiences, he has become a very talented and astute promoter of parties and events, exhibiting and utilizing his skills, creativity and talents in advertising and marketing as well as strategies and ideas in becoming a popular and sought-after graphics designer and artist.  He has worked with his own street teams (as well as others) in promoting various events and has implemented strategies and ideas to promote their success.


      After attending Texas Southern University and majoring in Communications, CStyles was quickly sought after to become an employed “Official Dee-Jay” for Texas Southern University, in Houston, Texas as well as Sam Houston State University, in Huntsville, Texas.  He hosts many of their events.  Through his travels, he has accumulated a wide array of experience and a large following from his work as a Dee-Jay and performing as Master of Ceremonies at various high school events, college events, sororities and fraternities and other college organizations, celebrity events, Superbowl festivities (New England Patriots Superbowl party), Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs) NBA All Star Party and 2007 Spring Break activities in Padre Island for various students coming from all over the country.


      CStyles has opened up at various celebrity concerts and for various celebrity personalities, including Akon, Hinder, Lil Wayne, Trina, Ying-Yang Twins, Young Bloods, 112, Ebony Eyes, Jazzes Pha, Ceelo, Latoya Luckett (former member of Destiny’s Child) and BET Comedian Ali.  He has also performed as a mix-show guest on Houston’s urban hip-hop and R&B station party 104.9 FM radio station during prime time. His talents have taken him across the majority of the Southern states as well as invites to Zurich, Switzerland. CStyles’ goal is to become nationally and internationally known and his motivation and determination will allow him to persevere and achieve his dream in providing entertainment to many across the country because he believes that dee-jaying is an art, a culture, a way of life.

DJ C Styles


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